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Water Sports

Water sports is an excellent way to build strength, ease joint stiffness and relax sore muscles. Water exercise reduces pain and improves endurance, coordination, and the ability to perform daily tasks. Water's natural buoyancy gently supports joints to encourage free movement as you work against resistance in all directions and not just gravity alone. This means greater aerobic endurance, flexibility, muscle tone, and weight loss — faster. Set the water temperature to suit your personal preference. A state-of-the-art water purification system keeps the water sparkling clean and greatly reduces the need for chlorine. The compact, modular design is easy to install and allows for varying water levels to suit your personal exercise routines. Whether your goal is to build strength, tone muscles or lose weight, our complete line of swimming pools allow you to get fit and stay fit because when exercise is a pleasure, fitness is easy. When you are trying to lose weight and you need to shake up your workout routine, an alternative way to workout is by performing water exercises. There are many different activities you can do in the water to help you lose weight. If you are not close to a lake or the ocean, using a swimming pool is the best way to workout in the water.

1. Distance Swimming
Swimming laps is the most common exercise to perform in a pool. If you belong to a swim club you should be able to get in a great workout by doing some distance swimming. Make sure that you do not overdo it the first few times you swim long laps in a pool. If you start to tire, you may want to stay in the shallow end in case you start to cramp up.

2. Sprint Swimming
Swimming short laps at a fast rate is a great way to burn some calories. Warm up by swimming some laps at a slow pace, then start your sprint workout. Usually this will mean you sprint from side-to-side in the pool, instead of swimming the length. Make sure this is an acceptable exercise before you start your workout, or you may cut across swim lanes that other people are using. You can also swim some fast laps in your own pool if you have one at home. The size of the pool will most likely be much smaller than the pool at a swim club, but you can still swim some short laps at a fast pace. Be careful when you swim fast laps in your home pool, since it is very easy to get wrapped up in your workout and accidentally hit your head on the side of the pool.

3. Water Calisthenics
Performing calisthenics in the water is another way you can lose some weight. Try doing some simple jumping jacks to get your heart rate going. You can also hold onto the side of the pool and do leg kicks. If you have a basketball or volleyball net in your pool, all of the jumping you will do during these sports will give you a great workout

4. Water Aerobics
Water aerobics is another popular form of aquatic exercise. If you belong to a gym, find out if there are water aerobics classes available. You can also do aerobics in your own swimming pool if you have one at home. Set your watch for the number of minutes that you want to train, then perform your water workout. Turn on some music to make your aerobics workout more enjoyable.

5. Water Jogging
Water jogging may not be the most graceful way to exercise, but it is an effective way to lose some weight. Simply jog around the shallow end of the pool for a certain amount of time. If you belong to a swim club, this activity is a lot of fun to participate in with other people.

Water Sports Exercise

Working out is fun when you're splashing in your gym or community pool. Aquatic exercises can burn fat faster. They're healing too, easing symptoms for arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers. Dive into summer with 8 moves that'll keep you fit no matter what shape you're in. Plus, what's your fitness style? Take our quiz to find out… Water is one of the best fitness tools: It provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury. Aquatic exercises can help you heal faster too. Doctors often recommend them for people with joint injuries, infections or surgeries as a way to stay fit and shorten recovery time. It's also a great fat-burner. "You can burn a higher level of calories in a shorter time in the pool," she says. Best of all, working out in the water doesn't feel like, well, work. "It's impossible not to smile as you jump into a pool — and enjoying your workout is the best way to make sure you'll stick with it," Sanders says. To get the most of your water workout, follow these tips: • Don't go deeper than waist-high. That way your feet will have good contact with the pool floor and your leg muscles will be able to support some of your weight.

• Wear water shoes to improve traction and webbed gloves (usually made of Neoprene with webbing between the fingers) to add resistance and intensity to arm movements, Sanders suggests.