Prepare Your Kids For Youth Sports With Fun Suspension Training:

Many fitness trainers, coaches and parents alike are finding that suspension training is a good way for your kids to improve their balance, core strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance and prevent injuries while they are having fun.
According to child fitness expert Dr. Avery Faugenbeim kids ideally need about six weeks of training before they begin a sport to help to reduce their risk of injury.
The risk of your child being injured in sports is heightened if you child has spent the summer months sitting at the computer, playing video games or watching TV.
One of the side benefits of working out regularly with TRX Suspension Trainer in theback yard has been that the rest of my family may also start working out on the TRX as well.

Even the nine year old kids enjoys doing some of the less strenuous exercises on the TRX such as rows, pushups, squats and curls. Kids have a natural desire to climb and swing anyway so for them the TRX Suspension Trainer is fun for them making it more likely that they will continue to workout on it.
The TRX Suspension trainer is extremely portable and weighs less than two pounds so it can be set up anywhere inside or outside. It is even possible to attach the TRX quickly to a tree, fence or even to a sturdy play set in a backyard or playground.
Since the TRX Suspension Trainer works by harnessing your bodyweight and gravity you won't have to worry about your child dropping heavy weights on themselves.
As with any exercise program it is vital that you check with your children's doctor before having them begin any exercise program and you will want to be sure to supervise your children during any exercise program as well.
It is my hope that with the wide spread acceptance of suspension training that we will have many stronger, healthier, happy and injury free kid athletes in the future.

4 Reasons to Try TRX Suspension Training

It may have been developed for the Navy SEALs, but you don't have to be in secret-weapon shape to work out with TRX. The concept of the TRX suspension training is pretty basic: you use two cables on your feet or hands to partially suspend your body and use your own body weight as resistance. The muscle groups you work as well as how hard you work them all depend on the positioning of your body on the cables.
To find out more about the benefits of the workout, I spoke with Randy Hetrick, former NavySEAL and current CEO and founder of TRX, at the unveiling of the newly expanded TRX Training Center in San Francisco, CA. If you've ever wondered about all those odd-looking straps hanging in your gym, read on to find out more about working out with TRX.
  1. It's for anyone: So, who should do TRX? Everyone, Randy says. "People who like yoga and Pilates tend to like TRX because there are some crossovers. But it's also great for runners, cyclists, or anyone who is an endurance athlete and wants to have more strength training." Even reluctant "power lifters" are usually swayed by the workout once they see how effective it can be at building muscle, he says.
  2. It's beginner-friendly: Another reason to try a TRX class — it's easy to tweak exercises to your own level of difficulty and ramp up when necessary. "It's all user-defined," Randy says. "You determine how hard or how easy you really want to go. So really advanced or really beginners can work out in the same class and get what's right for them."
  3. The cardio-strength training connection: Don't think it's just your muscles that you're working. TRX moves target different parts of your body while also raising your heartbeat. Many exercises done on the TRX suspension cables "integrate so many muscles, which require oxygen," Randy says. This increases your heartbeat and breath as you hold a move or do your reps, making many TRX exercises "superefficient, integrated strength and cardio moves," explains Randy.
  4. It beats boredom: Two suspension straps — infinite ways to use them. You can do it all with TRX, from lunges to planks to upper body resistance exercises. And the best part? Your workouts can change as many times as you want them to. That means that both your mind and your body will stay challenged with all the ways you can mix up your workouts.
If you've never done TRX, sign up for a class at your gym, if they offer one, before you commit to any at-home or individual training. That way your instructor can teach you the proper way to do a move without injuring yourself. Read our tips on what to do in a TRX class if you're a beginner, and let us know: what do you think of TRX workouts?

Prepare Yourself For the TRX Challenge

Perhaps you've seen people at your gym grunting and gasping when using the TRX suspension system. For a beginner, TRX may seem intimidating, but Angelica Gonzalez, a certified TRX trainer atCrunch fitness offers up some helpful TRX tips, so you are better prepared to enjoy this Navy Seal-inspired workout at your gym.
What to wear: Wear tennis shoes and comfortable, tight fitting clothing that won't get in your way. Don't wear running shorts, because you might unintentionally flash the class. Bring a towel, because you will be sweating.
When to arrive: Every gym has a different system, but at Crunch, the sign up sheet is put out an hour before class. Ask the gym receptionist what you should expect in terms of class popularity. For your first class, be sure to approach the instructor and let them know it's your first time. Your instructor should also be aware of any old injuries, past surgeries, or health conditions that you have.
Read more TRX beginner's tips here.
How to set up: Lay out your mat underneath the TRX straps, and double up mats if you have any knee issues. Be sure that your mat is in the center of the anchor point (the hook on the ceiling where the suspension straps are attached). The TRX straps are designed to move up and down depending on the exercise. However, for beginner classes, Angelica recommends adjusting the straps so the loops are barely touching the tops of your tennis shoes.
How to be aligned: Always stay centered to the anchor point. No matter how far or back you are from the anchor point, make sure the middle of your chest runs across the same line as the anchor point. Stabilize the body by actively retaining the tension in the suspension straps. Avoid gripping the handles. Keep your knuckles, wrists, and elbows in a straight line. Keep your shoulders down, neck lengthened, and ribs and abs contracted.
What to expect: Prepare to take the exercises smaller than bigger. A full version might be too much and might put too much pressure on the joints. Little by little you can train up to the full position. Breathe through the movement, and listen to your body if you need to take a break. Try to avoid comparing your level to the rest of the class. With time and practice, you will build strength and endurance.

Start Today To Change Tomorrow - The Benefits Of TRX And Personal Training

Have you been doing all the right things: eating right, working out and still not seeing results? Obviously the results you want are to look and feel great. The way you achieve this is through increased muscle mass and decreased body fat along with a healthy cardiovascular system.
So what is between you and success? For me it was not knowing exactly what I needed to do to achieve the results I wanted. Then I discovered the power of a personal trainer – someone who has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.
I had been working out regularly for many years but still did not see the results I wanted – toned muscle definition & getting rid of that last 15 pounds. I was beginning to get frustrated when it all came to a halt in September 2010. I had a spinal injury that caused my leg to become weak and numb, my foot had a drop to it when I walked and I was looking at possible surgery. I was not able to exercise – there was to be no lifting, no rotation, no flexion, no extension but I was determined to beat this injury without surgery.
After months of working with a physical therapist she referred me to a personal trainer. That is when I discovered the real power of a personal trainer. My trainer helped me safely and effectively strengthen and condition my body again and the results I saw far exceeded my expectations. Through proper training and exercise I am now stronger than I was prior to the injury and no surgery was needed. My experience helped me realize the many benefits of a personal trainer such as:
  • Pushes you beyond what you think you can do (you will be amazed…really)
  • Designs a workout for your maximum benefit: like increase strength, cardiovascular endurance and conditioning, and stability
  • Maximizes your workout time
  • Mixes up the routine, a lot of people get in a habit of set exercises which the body becomes accustomed to without being challenged
  • Makes you accountable
  • Keeps you focused on your goals
Through my own personal experience with a trainer I discovered the tremendous benefits of the TRX Suspension Training System. Total body Resistance eXercise is a total body suspension system originally developed for the Navy Seals. Since then it is used by almost all professional sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, triathlon, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, etc.
The TRX is a method of training for anyone who wants to safely and rapidly improve their fitness. TRX suspension system includes 100's of exercises that makes it a versatile and effective training solution regardless of age, gender or fitness level of the user.
With a suspended strap and using your own body weight as resistance, the TRX allows us to train like we live, moving in all planes of motion at once; thereby increasing strength, stamina and stability. The TRX Suspension Training System allowed me to safely increase resistance, strengthen my core and improve my fitness as I continued to recover. At the time of my injury it seemed like a negative incident in my life; however in less than 2 years I realized it was the best thing that could have happened to me at that time. The injury lead to a chain of events that helped me redirect my career to what is really interesting and important to me – helping people achieve their health and fitness goals so they too can enjoy life to the fullest. Now I would like to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Come in for a free intro to the TRX Training System. It really is this easy to Start Today to Change Tomorrow!

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